My Characters

Meet My Characters

Lovingly created through my drawings, my characters come to life in the form of fabric, cards and prints, and even books!

Welcome To Kitty Corner

Meet the friends of Kitty Corner! They are a playful, kind-hearted bunch – collect them all! Available as a cut and sew project, they are printed on individual fat quarters of fabric – all you need to do is cut, sew and stuff, and they’re ready to play!


Marigold is an orange Tabby, and her favorite color is blue. She loves to play in the rain and make mud pies! She also likes to read adventure stories and make cookies for the Church bake sale.


Daisy, a Siamese Cat, is kind of shy, but she loves to babysit and tell stories to all the little kittens. Her favorite color is pink, and she likes gardening and building bird houses!


Petunia is a black and white Tuxedo cat. Like her favorite color, red, she is bold and creative and she loves to draw and paint. She is always ready to lend a helping hand and a kind word, and showing her latest skateboarding tricks makes her happy!


Violet is a grey Tabby Cat, and her favorite color is purple! She loves to dance and sing - on Saturdays, she goes to the Senior Center to visit the grandmas and grandpas where she dances for them and then they all have a sing-a-long! Violet also like to sew – she loves helping to make the costumes for the annual dance recital.


Lily, a Calico Cat, loves animals. She also likes learning new things, and is always ready to help others with their studies. Her favorite color is green, because it reminds her of nature and her bug collection!